Ravens Playoff Chances & Super Bowl Odds: Updated Week 13

Ravens Playoff Chances & Super Bowl Odds: Updated Week 13
By Marcus Mosher
Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

The Baltimore Ravens are 7-4 heading into NFL Week 13. The Ravens suffered their worst lost of the season as they allowed the Jacksonville Jaguars to come from behind and steal a win. The Ravens will have an opportunity to make up for the loss when they take on the Denver Broncos in Week 13. What are the Ravens playoff chances heading into their next matchup? Find out and claim a Caesars Sportsbook Maryland promo code to bet on the Ravens.

Ravens Playoff Chances: Odds Fall After Loss

The Ravens playoff chances are 90.9%, which can be calculated using the implied probability of their -1000 playoff odds. The Baltimore Ravens have a record of 7-4 heading into NFL Week 13.

โญ Playoff Chances Week 1390.9% (-1000)
Playoff Chances Week 1296% (-2400)
Playoff Chances Week 1193.3% (-1400)
Playoff Chances Week 1093.3% (-1400)
Playoff Chances Week 988.9% (-800)
Playoff Chances Week 881.1% (-430)
Playoff Chances Week 775.6% (-310)
Playoff Chances Week 678.3% (-360)
Playoff Chances Week 573.7% (-280)
Playoff Chances Week 471.4% (-250)
Playoff Chances Week 369.2% (-225)
Playoff Chances Week 271.4% (-250)
Playoff Chances Week 162.3% (-165)
โœ… Odds Last VerifiedNov. 28

The Ravens playoff chances fell 5.1% after their Week 12 loss. They will have a chance to bounce back against the Denver Broncos in Week 13.

The Ravens postseason odds are -1000 through 12 weeks. They are currently tied with the Bengals in the AFC North division. They were the favorites to win the division entering the year; heading into NFL Week 13, they share postseason odds with the Bengals.

The Baltimore Ravens put a dent in their playoff chances after their Week 12 loss to the Jaguars. They now have a 90.9% chance to make the playoffs ahead of Week 13.

Baltimore Raven Playoff Odds: Key Developments for Week 13

Heading into Week 13 action, the Ravens playoff odds are -1000. Below you'll find a list of the key developments throughout the season that have impacted the Ravens odds to make the playoffs.

  • ๐Ÿ“† Week 12 (Nov. 28): The Baltimore Ravens had a win in the bag until their defense allowed Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars to march down the field and score with 14 seconds remaining. The Jaguars elected to go for a two-point conversion to win the game and they did just that. As a result, the Ravens playoff chances fell 5.1%. 
  • ๐Ÿ“† Week 11 (Nov. 21): Baltimore keeps on rolling as they defeated the Carolina Panthers to bring their record to 7-3 and improved their playoff chances to 96%. The Ravens are top-6 in the NFL with +1200 odds to win the Super Bowl.
  • ๐Ÿ“† Week 10 (Nov. 14): The Ravens had their bye in Week 10 and saw no change to their postseason odds. The Ravens Super Bowl odds did go from +1200 to +1300. They will have an opportunity to improve their odds against the Carolina Panthers in NFL Week 11.
  • ๐Ÿ“† Week 9 (Nov. 9): Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens enjoyed their third-consecutive win and will go into their Week 10 bye with the division lead and a 93.3% chance of making the playoffs.
  • ๐Ÿ“† Week 8 (Nov. 2): The Ravens beat Tom Brady and the Buccaneers on Thursday Night. Combine that with the Browns defeating the Bengals and the Ravens are sitting alone on the top of the AFC North.
  • ๐Ÿ“† Week 7 (Oct. 24): The Ravens defeated the Cleveland Browns 23-20 in Week 7. The two AFC North teams are heading in different directions. The Ravens lead the division while the Browns find themselves at the bottom of the division with the Steelers.
  • ๐Ÿ“† Week 6 (Oct. 17): Baltimore losses a tough game to Saquon Barkley and the New York Giants. The Ravens have now lost two of their last three games and hold a 75.6% chance to make the playoffs.
  • ๐Ÿ“† Week 5 (Oct. 11): The Ravens were able to squeeze out a very important divisional game against the Cincinnati Bengals by a score of 19-17. This comeback win in the final two minutes have improved their postseason odds to -360 or a 78.3% probability heading into NFL Week 6.
  • ๐Ÿ“† Week 4 (Oct. 2): The Baltimore Ravens defense stepped up against one of the best offenses in the league, the Buffalo Bills. They held Josh Allen and the Bills to just 23 points. Unfortunately, the Raven only put up 20 in a tough loss.
  • ๐Ÿ“† Week 3 (Sept. 25): The Ravens bounced back in Week 3, this time against another AFC East team, the New England Patriots. Baltimore still gave up 26 to the Patriots, but were able to put up 37 points of their own to pull off the win.
  • ๐Ÿ“† Week 2 (Sept. 18): In a very surprising upset to the Miami Dolphins, the Ravens fell 42-38. This raises plenty of questions regarding Baltimore's defense going forward.
  • ๐Ÿ“† Week 1 (Sept. 11): Baltimore easily defeated their first opponent of the season. The beat the New York Jets by a score of 24-9. The Ravens increased their playoff chances to 71.4%
  • ๐Ÿ“† Week 1 (Sept. 5): The Ravens head into the start of the regular season -165 odds to make the playoffs, which implies a 62.3% chance to make the postseason.

Each week our NFL betting experts review the latest news coming out of Baltimore to record what breaking developments move the Ravens postseason odds. Check back here weekly to see why the Ravens chances to make the postseason have shifted.

Can I Bet on the Ravens to Make the Playoffs?

Sports bettors in Maryland can place bets on the Baltimore Ravens to make the playoffs.  Maryland sportsbooks are live and bettors can find every major operator available should have odds for the Ravens to make the playoffs. 

Now that sports betting is legal in Maryland, you can bet on the Ravens playoff chances, and use a BetMGM Maryland bonus code.

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Odds: Week 13 Updates

Following their Week 12 upset, the Ravens Super Bowl odds are +1700, which is among the top-10 odds in the league. Using their current odds, the Ravens currently have an implied Super Bowl win probability of 5.6%.

โญ SBLVII Odds Week 13+1700
SBLVII Odds Week 12+1200
SBLVII Odds Week 11+1300
SBLVII Odds Week 10+1200
SBLVII Odds Week 9+1400
SBLVII Odds Week 8+1600
SBLVII Odds Week 7+1800
SBLVII Odds Week 6+1400
SBLVII Odds Week 5+1800
SBLVII Odds Week 4+1400
SBLVII Odds Week 3+1800
SBLVII Odds Week 2+2000
SBLVII Odds Week 1+2000
โœ… Odds Last VerifiedNov. 28

For reference, a $100 bet on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl would win $1700, which suggests sportsbooks have some confidence in Baltimore winning the Super Bowl this year.

The Baltimore Ravens preseason Super Bowl odds were listed at +2000. Through 12 weeks, the Ravens find their SBVII odds at +1700. 

Baltimore continues to show they are still among the best teams in the NFL with a 7-4 record. The Ravens have yet to lose by more than four points. The Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl chances now stand at 5.6% which is top-10 odds in the NFL.

Expect their Super Bowl odds to remain around the same, at least for the next few weeks, as they have shown to be a dominant force in the NFL. 

Where Can I Bet on the Ravens to Win the Super Bowl?

Maryland bettors can bet on the Baltimore Ravens to win the Super Bowl on all live sportsbooks. BetMGM Maryland , who also has a partnership with the Ravens, may also offer additional team-specific promos.

We recommend "shopping" around for odds, as you may be able to find better odds at Caesars Sportsbook Maryland or other betting sites and apps.

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