Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland Promo | Review & 2022 Launch Updates

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Fanatics Sportsbook was the first Maryland sports betting site to be licensed in the state. Keep reading our review for a full rundown of the Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland experience.

We can't confirm whether or not the operator will go by "Fanatics Sportsbook," or "BetFanatics," and we're still in the dark about some of the specific features, but we'll update this page once we get more information.

What is Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland Welcome Promotion?

While we can’t say for sure which Fanatics Maryland promo this rookie will bring to the online sports betting scene, we expect the operator to use its deep pockets to keep up with heavy-hitters like FanDuel Sportsbook Maryland. Some potential options for welcome offers we can expect are risk-free bets or a deposit matching bonus.

How to Claim the Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland Promotion

It’s easy to get started with the Maryland betting apps and even easier to cash in on promos. Once the Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland bonus offers are available, all you’ll have to do is create an account online (or download the app) and enter the promo code or activate the offer to start boosting your bets.

Do I Need the Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland Welcome Promotion?

Bettors do not need to use a Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland promo in order to create an account and start wagering. However, it certainly helps to use one. These promotions typically offer betters risk-free bets or higher payouts, so taking advantage of these offers is certainly in the user's best interest.

Is There a BetFanatics Maryland Promo for NFL Bettors?

As the official (an exclusive) jersey retail store for the National Football League, it’s likely Ravens fans will see more than one Fanatics MD Sportsbook promo. If timelines match up, players can claim a BetFanatics Maryland promo on everything from parlays to prop bets in the 2022-23 NFL season.  Don't be surprised if you will be able to win free NFL gear or NFTs from this operator.

How Do I Use a BetFanatics Maryland Bonus?

Taking advantage of a Fanatics Maryland bonus is easier than a straight bet on an obvious favorite. Welcome offers usually land on the homepage or under a “promo” tab, so you never miss a chance to increase your odds. Make it a habit to check this tab before you lock in your bet slips. Depending on the type of promo you’re playing with, the terms and conditions will determine the requirements for minimum deposits, wager amounts and limits, bet types, and sports markets or games.

Latest Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland Promos

While we’re still in the dark on the fine print, we expect the bonus offers they bring to the table to be just as impressive as their legacy in sports merchandise. Most apps use welcome bonuses, and they will likely be a big part of the Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland promos strategy to make an immediate impact in the state. Bettors can also anticipate additional bonuses to fuel gameplay beyond the welcome incentives.

Risk-Free Bets

If you’ve been around the block of a bet slip or two, you’re probably familiar with a risk-free bet. You deposit money into your account and place your first wager allowing you to get in on the action with less risk. Typically ranging from $250 and $1000, if your first bet loses, you will be credited the same amount of free bet credits. The details and amounts vary with each sportsbook, and we’ll know more about the Fanatics Maryland bonus when it goes live.

Deposit Match Bonus

Just like the name suggests, a Fanatics MD bonus will match the amount of your first deposit. Like the risk-free bet, the maximum value can vary quite a bit between $250-$1000. But where the risk-free bet is tied to your first wager, you can get more value for your money upfront with a deposit match bonus. These promos match a percentage of your deposit and can double the money you add to your bankroll after signing up.

Odds Boosts

Odds boosts in Maryland are easily the most profitable promotion. Sites will offer players better odds on different wagers and are always in favor of the bettor. Depending on the operator, we’ve seen odds increase up to 40%. We expect BetFanatics Maryland promotions like odds boost to be very competitive with what other in-state operators are offering.

Parlay Insurance

Seasoned pros will be banking on a Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland promo code for parlay insurance. These promos usually hit the books during big games, giving players a chance at a larger payout with less risk. You will likely need 5+ legs on a parlay bet with odds greater than or equal to -200. Your bet will be refunded if all your legs hit but one.

Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland Rewards Program

Fanatics Sportsbook is a worldwide leader in licensed sports merchandise, so they understand a thing or two about customer loyalty. This operator already has a rewards program with their apparel, offering exclusive deals and cashback to MVPs. We assume they will use some version of these rewards to gain an edge in online sports betting. It’s likely Fanatics Sportsbooks in Maryland will also learn from operators like DraftKings Maryland, who offer referral rewards valued at $100 when you invite your buddies to play. It's possible this reward program will rival the expected BetFanatics Maryland promo.

Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland Betting Site Features

We can expect Fanatics Sportsbook MD to follow in the footsteps of the front runners in sports betting and include some notable features to reward players with more than just bragging rights. Check out the selections below that we think will make the cut - based on announcements made by the company.

Live Betting

Live betting lets you place your wagers in real-time while the game is unfolding. Think the Ravens will score a touchdown to win the next game? You can bet on it. In most apps, you can head to the “Live Now” section to place your bet on dynamic odds. But be sure to take your chance right away as live odds are constantly up and down.  

Same-Game Parlays

Bettors can use same-game parlays to string together multiple outcomes from the same game to cash in on large payouts. These bets can have as few as two legs or reach as high as 15 legs if you really want to stretch your skill set. The more legs, the higher the odds, but your chances of winning become tougher. Though they aren’t available everywhere, we’re betting on Fanatics Sportsbook MD to follow sites like BetMGM Maryland and offer these enticing bets.

Early Cashouts

In the world of sports, things can change in an instant. One minute your team is up, in the bottom of the ninth inning, with the bases loaded, a then a home run turns your bet into the one that got away. Early cashouts offer a little insurance when your team has the lead or to cut your losses. We wouldn’t be surprised if BetFanatics Maryland adds this increasingly popular option to their sportsbook.

Who is Partnered With Fanatics Sportsbook MD?

BetFanatics MD is already in the big leagues with partnerships tied to the NFL, MLB, MLS, NBA, NHL, and Formula 1, through their apparel line. The operator has also put in a bid for the Fanatics Sportsbook trademark backed by none other than Shawn Carter, aka Jay-Z.

How to Sign Up for a Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland Account

It shouldn’t be complicated for new users to get started with the Fanatics Maryland app. Simply follow these straightforward steps to suit up for sports betting:

  • ✅ Create a username
  • ✅ Enter your email and password
  • ✅ Enter a Fanatics MD promo code (if available)
  • ✅ Verify your information
  • ✅ Confirm your location and identity

What Can I Bet on at Fanatics Sportsbook Online in Maryland?

Most sports betting sites have all the big leagues you would expect, like the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, and MLS. You’ll often find minor, major, and college leagues for each market. Some sportsbooks will feature niche markets for betters, like darts and cycling. We predict the Fanatics Maryland betting app will reach the usual market variety when they spread its wings, but we’ll have to wait and see what unique offerings they deliver.

Available Bet Types at Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland

Although nothing is set in stone, it should be expected that Fanatics Sportsbook MD will bring a loaded menu of sports betting lines to suit every wager style. We’ve seen big brands like Caesars Sportsbook Maryland benefit from offering as many betting options as possible, and it’s likely Fanatics Maryland Sportsbook will follow suit.

  • Moneylines

    A moneyline bet is a wager on which team or player you think will win the game. Odds are listed negative for underdogs and positive for favorites. These straightforward bets mean you wager on the Ravens to win the game and cash in when they do. 

  • Point Spreads

    Point spreads are a great way to even out the gap between two players or teams with different skill levels. Oddsmakers will add a (+) or (-) handicap beside each team called “the line”. If the spread is -8.5 in favor of the Baltimore Ravens over New Orleans Saints, you will need 9 points to win your wager.

  • Parlays

    Combining two or more wagers into one parlay bet increases your chances of a potential windfall. But every "leg" of the parlay has to hit in order for the bet to cash. If even one leg loses, the entire parlay does as well. For example, a bettor could create a parlay featuring: the Ravens -7.5, under 48.5 in that Ravens same game, and the Orioles moneyline. If all three legs hit, the parlay will pay out handsomely.

  • Futures

    A futures bet is placing a wager on the long-term outcome of a multi-stage event like a tournament or season. These types of bets can include both players and teams, like who will win overall, and which player will be crowned MVP or Rookie of the Year. If you feel like the Ravens will take the Lombardi this year, you can place a futures bet to keep the heat on every game until the final showdown. Be sure to use a Fanatics MD promo if available, as that can really increase the payout on a futures bet.

  • Prop Bets

    If you’re looking to place a bet on a specific player or event in the game, you’ll want to dig into prop bets. Almost any wager on a game can be a prop bet, except for moneylines and point spreads. Bets like “Will Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal score over 30 points this game?” will fall under the player props category. Betting on the first touchdown and longest field goals are available as game and team props.

Fanatics Sportsbook Mobile App Overview & Rundown

Owner, Michael Rubin, has always had a vision for the BetFanatics Maryland betting app to be a one-stop shop for sports fans. Imagine a world where you can purchase a jersey of your favorite team, invest in an NFT, and put a bet down on Sunday’s game all from your phone. If the BetFanatics app has its way, that’s the mobile app you’ll experience. That said, we’re still waiting on the arrival of the anticipated operator, so we can only assume BetFanatics Maryland app will pull out all the stops to deliver the ultimate gameday experience.

With a healthy cash flow and major league partnerships, Fanatics MD Sportsbook will likely mirror sites like SuperBook Sportsbook Marland and showcase app features the fans already love. Big games and betting odds are put front and center, so you never miss a play. Betting markets can be sorted by league, sport, and game to quickly get your picks in before the scoreboard lights up. Your bet slip will also automatically pop up when you place a wager and show you a potential payout based on the odds.

Positives of the Fanatics Maryland App

✔ High sports density
✔ Live chat support
✔ Secure banking and payout methods

Negatives of the Fanatics Maryland App

❌ Late to the game compared to DraftKings and FanDuel
❌ Unknown bonuses and promos

Download BetFanatics Maryland App

Almost every player uses their smartphone daily, and we expect this operator will join the ranks of their competitors to make a mobile app. You can start building bet slips on the go in a few simple steps.

  1. Download the app to your iOS or Android device
  2. Fill out the registration form
  3. Verify your contact information, age, and identity
  4. Confirm your location
  5. Start sports betting

Software at Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland

Front runners of the U.S. legal sports betting scene have already worked out the kinks in their software. This gives BetFanatics Maryland the upper hand in creating a seamless sportsbook app by learning from the mistakes other operators have made. Entering the game with a superior sportsbook site and mobile app should give Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland an edge right out of the gate. Since they already know how to cater to a sports fan base, we expect a clean and modern interface with the speed you need to take your best shot at victory. Our bets are on a simple-to-use and intuitive platform that will rival the heavyweight names wrestling for sports betting market share in the bay state.

Making a Deposit at Fanatics Maryland

In the world of elite betting operators, banking options can make or break a site. It’s anticipated that Fanatics Sportsbook MD will offer a wide range of banking services based on their experience processing billions in consumer transactions for their sports apparel.

 Fanatics Sportsbook payment options include:

  • 💰 Credit cards
  • 💰 Debit cards
  • 💰 E-wallet
  • 💰 Apple Pay
  • 💰 Online bank transfers
  • 💰 Wire transfers
  • 💰 ACH e-check
  • ACH Transfer
  • Apple Pay
  • VISA
  • MasterCard

Cashing Out Your Winnings

When it comes to withdrawals, processing times can vary. Where online wallets tend to be fairly quick, methods like e-checks can take longer. If you’re opting for online banking, you’re at the mercy of your individual bank’s rules and practices.

Fanatics Sportsbook vs. Other Sportsbooks in Maryland

Fanatics Sportsbook is expected to take the sports betting market by storm, and we wanted to see how they keep up with fan favorites like DraftKings Maryland.

We hope to see a premium online sportsbook interface with lucrative rewards similar to WynnBet Maryland's dedicated loyalty program. But with a thin live betting section, we expect Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland to come in guns a-blazing with favorable odds, live action, and plenty of parlays, teasers, and prop bets.

Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland Security & Safety Features

When you’re making bets and cashing cheques, peace of mind should be top on your list. You want a sports betting platform that’s secure and top-rated, and we expect Fanatics Sportsbook MD to deliver on all fronts. Keep your eyes peeled for SSL encryption technology that protects your personal data and, equally as important, your banking information. Most sportsbooks offer this information in the “Privacy Policy” section of your account.

How to Contact Fanatics Sportsbook in Maryland

Since BetFanatics isn’t live yet, we can only assume they will the support same options available on their apparel site:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live Chat

With their existing site loaded with support articles and frequently asked questions, we don’t doubt that they will offer the same assistance to bettors.

Gambling Responsibly at Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland

Everybody loves a good win, but the adrenaline rush can sometimes turn into a full-time chase for victory. BetFanatics Maryland is expected to follow other apps to protect players and their love of the game. Most online operators offer proactive tools and support to bettors like:

  • Deposit limits
  • Timeout
  • Parental Controls
  • Auto-lock
  • Spending limits

Maryland offers a voluntary self-exclusion program to support players who wish to voluntarily bar themselves. Additional support can be accessed through the state.

Pros & Cons of Fanatics Sportsbook Online in Maryland

✔️ Established global sports brand❌ Outpaced by competitor sportsbooks
✔️ 300 partnerships with North American sports leagues❌ Limited market share available
✔️ Extensive markets with niche sports and games

Fanatics Maryland Review: Final Thoughts

In any industry, it’s rare for a brand to command so much attention before it’s even launched. Even without all the stats, Fanatics Sportsbook has enough weight in the world of sports fandom for us to do a comprehensive BetFanatics Maryland review on what to expect when game day comes.

For starters, Fanatics Sportsbook MD has secured its foothold in the sports world with a successful retail sports apparel business and strong relationships with the biggest leagues in North America. More importantly, they have been licensed to operate in Maryland. It seems the only natural progression would be turning those partnerships into parlays and props for sports bettors. Most of the conclusions we’ve drawn in this Fanatics MD review are based on the company’s solid reputation and success.

Even though we don’t have the specifics on the exact promo codes or daily odds boosts Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland will bring, we anticipate generous welcome offers to get new players in the door. This competitive edge will likely drive Fanatics Sportsbook to cover the spread with premium payouts and promotions and become the top player in the industry.

Fanatics Sportsbook Maryland FAQ


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