Betting on Futures in Maryland: A Complete Guide to Get You Started

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What is Futures betting? Sports betting in Maryland is taking off and we give you the rundown of all things Maryland sports betting in the Futures department.

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The future is bright for Maryland sports betting and there are a number of profitable opportunities coming our way. Indeed, futures betting is one of them and after reading this review in full you can place futures bets with confidence.

What is a Futures Bet?

Prediction in futures sports betting, whether it's NFL futures odds or other common futures bets, can be a road to profit in the Maryland online sports betting space. With different futures betting options available, we are basically looking to make long term bets in future odds markets, rather than on an individual match day or game. Futures bets are easy to place and can be made on Maryland sports betting apps or on a desktop. 

Examples of Futures Bets You Can Make in Maryland

We have a wide array of options in futures betting Maryland, covering all the biggest US sports and leagues: we can bet the Baltimore Orioles to make the Playoffs in MLB futures betting, or in NHL futures we could back the Washington Capitals to win the Stanley Cup. We can look to bet the Baltimore Ravens to win the Super Bowl or even have a sneaky PGA Futures bet on Denny McCarthy to win the PGA Championship in golf.

How to Read Futures Odds

Most futures odds will be plus money and multi-way markets in a drop down list type format with the favorites at the top and the underdogs down the bottom. The markets will be American odds and in moneyline type format.

Plus Odds (+)

Plus odds are favorable odds for the Maryland sports bettor. Usually plus money US odds portray underdogs on bets such as moneyline, spreads and totals. In futures betting in Maryland most selections will be plus money. For example: If we use $100 units, the return is 300$ should we back the Baltimore Ravens at +200.

Minus Odds (-)

Minus odds in American odds usually represent the favorite and work the opposite to plus money. Here we are betting the minus number to return $100 (or equivalent) in cash profits. In the example above at -200 US odds we would be wagering $200 to win a profit of $100. To calculate implied probabilities, the formula is risk/over return. For example, if we back a team at +500 for $100 it would be 100 (risk)/600 (return) in potential winnings which is a probability of .166 or 16.6%.

Maryland Futures Can Be Lucrative

Futures bets can lead to big paydays and a windfall at the end of the season on major US sports such as NBA. Where applicable, we can use free bets or cash won by a free bet in some cases and mitigate risk by using our "free money" from some of the best Maryland sportsbook promos on futures bets and online sports betting. Some promos we see in Maryland sports betting may even be odds boosts or enhanced odds on futures odds.

When Do I Get Paid for a Futures Bet in Maryland

Obviously, it will vary by the bet when we can expect to be paid out on our futures bets in Maryland sports betting. If we are picking a winner of the Stanley cup we'll have to wait until the end of the Playoffs in the National Hockey League.

We may only have to wait a month or so if we back a few golfers to win the Masters in March for example, then the tournament plays out in April and your bet is settled. We can also place futures bets or longer term bets mid season: for example, if the Baltimore Orioles are going well in the World Series and we see a nice value price we want to wade in on.

Popular Futures Bets to Make in Maryland

Futures betting in Maryland will prove popular and some common futures betting options will be markets on all the major US sports, as well as the major European Sports such as Tennis, Boxing and Snooker. We may have the option to parlay Futures together on the big events in these sports such as wagering on the winner of the World Series, the Stanley cup, and the winner of the super Bowl as a treble.

  • NFL Futures Market  Maryland sports bettors might fancy a bit of added spice to watching their beloved Baltimore Ravens attack the Super Bowl. We might place a wager on them at +1600 to make watching the games more exciting. Being fifth favorites for the Super Bowl, there's a decent chance we could see a profit of $1600 per $100 bet, or maybe we'll be offered the chance to cash out if they go well early doors in the NFL.
  • NBA Futures Market  What if we fancy our Washington Wizards have something out of the ordinary up their sleeve ahead of NBA season? They may be a longshot at big plus money (+25000) but a few quid on them wouldn't hurt for a potential double bonanza should they pull off a shock.
  • MLB Futures Market  Maryland online sports betting will also offer up MLB futures betting opportunities. We mentioned we might want to back the Baltimore Orioles mid season if they're going well but we can also place Major League Baseball futures bets such as a team from a certain division to win the World Series. We might be offered +400 on anyone from the American League East Division to take down the Series after vig is applied to the book.
  • NHL Futures Market  The NHL is big in Maryland and common futures bets on the National Hockey League will include wagering on the Washington Capitals to make the playoffs or win the Stanley Cup. We can see as high as +3300 on the Capitals winning the Stanley Cup in NHL futures bets.

College Football Futures Market

Some bookmakers will offer future bets on the NCAAF or the NCAAB and betting on college football or basketball will be appealing to Maryland bettors. In futures bets, we might not be able to back any local college teams in Maryland sportsbooks but if it is allowed in the legislation, the Maryland Terrapins will get plenty of support.

College Basketball Futures Market 

The Maryland Terrapins American football team represents the University of Maryland in both American football and Basketball. The Terrapins will compete in the NCAA Divisions and similarly to the college football team, if betting is allowed on college basketball in Maryland, the Terrapins will be the focus of attention.

Other Futures Markets

It's not only the leading US sports that will be popular in futures betting markets. Big tournaments in golf such as the Masters, or in Tennis such as Wimbledon or the US Open will be provided for in terms of markets being priced up ahead of time and Maryland sports bettors can get stuck into the future odds if we spot a nice value betting price we like.

Pros & Cons of Making Futures Bets in Maryland

Positives of Maryland Futures Bets

There are a number of positives regarding Futures betting in Maryland and online sports betting will provide the means. Longer odds in futures betting markets lead to higher payouts when the bets are settled. Given futures bets tend to be played out over a season, or a longer timeframe, this also means your NFL futures bets or NHL futures bets, or whatever sport you bet on will keep you invested for a longer period of time.

✔ Higher Payouts
✔ Entertainment Value
✔ Longer odds and staying power

Challenges of Maryland Futures Bets

On the flip side of MD futures betting, longer bet life means your money is in escrow for a greater period of time and you'll be waiting for that potential big payout to reinvest in other wagers. The longer plus-money betting odds also mean we are taking on more risk by backing outsiders or maybe strong underdogs, which means the probability of winning is less.

❌ Money is tied up
❌ Less chance of winning your bet

Where Can I Make a Futures Bet in Maryland?

Online Sportsbooks in Maryland haven't yet officially launched legal sports betting online. Retail sports betting is currently available at the likes of Horseshoe Casino, Ocean Downs Casino, and Hollywood Casino for Maryland sports betting.

Most Maryland betting operators will offer future bets but the variety of futures offerings may vary from sport to sport. Big operators such as DraftKings Maryland should have the best array of futures markets to choose from when mobile sports betting is live.

Our Top Site for Futures Bets in Maryland

FanDuel Maryland Sportsbook is one of the biggest operators in the state of Maryland. With a fantastic sign-up bonus on offer, we have added value straight off the Orioles' bat!

This operator covers all the major sports in the US and in Europe and delves into college sports and some more obscure sports such as darts and volleyball. Futures bets can be made on all these sports with competitive odds guaranteed from B2B consultancies and software providers connected to Flutter Entertainment if the betting odds are not compiled in-house for the futures markets.

Futures Betting Strategy

There are guidelines we can follow in order to maximize our expected value or potential bet winnings on futures bets in Maryland:

Shop Different Maryland Sportsbooks for the Best Value

Odds comparison or line shopping is very important in sports betting and the very same applies to futures betting. Different books will offer different odds dependent on who their business-to-business odds provider is or whether they are bespoke or not. 

For example, Caesars Sportsbook Maryland may have the Washington Capitals at +2500 to win the Stanley Cup, whereas others may have the futures line set at +2000. Why take +2000 when you can get them at +2500 for extra profits at another Maryland bookmaker?

Parlay your futures bets

If you fancy a run at the top prize - the one where you tell your boss you wont be back in for a while - then parlaying futures bets may be the equivalent of the sports betting lotto. We could take a team at average odds in the double figures range in each of the major US sports to win their season long title such as the World Series (MLB) or the Super Bowl (NFL).

If we stick them in a big multiple (and bet a series of smaller parlays aswell), if two or more teams win we would be in the money. If three come in it's happy days, and if somehow all four should win, we may never see our boss again!

Use that cash out button

Ignore the gamblers and hit that button! We may want to do some research ahead of placing our bets on Futures in MD. Certain betting operators will offer cash-out or partial cash-out options on futures betting in Maryland on selected sports. Some might even offer a cash-out on Parlay future bets.

This can be a decent option to have if our teams are going well. It's a good way to lay off some liability for the bookie as well as they will swerve a potential big hit and also take some commission on the cash-out, but if we are talking life-changing cash in potential winnings, it's worth hedging our bets.

Get Started Futures Betting in Maryland

Futures betting in Maryland is an extra angle we can look to exploit as new or experienced bettors. We can not only add some entertainment value into the mix with season long bets on our favorite Maryland teams, but futures bets also allow us to line shop for some big EV along with an outside chance of a lucrative payout at the end of the season.

We can sign up at big brand mobile betting apps and betting sites such as BetMGM Maryland which have a wider array of futures betting markets in their product. They also offer us a nice sign up bonus or welcome bonus for our first deposit with a risk free bet. BetMGM Maryland currently has the best retail sportsbook located at the BetMGM Sportsbook & Lounge in MGM National Harbor.

Reading futures odds that are nicely laid out and easy to navigate in list format on the moneyline is a breath of fresh air. We can easily find our favorite Maryland teams whether it be in the big leagues or in the college divisions, so set up a betting account as the future is in your hands.

Maryland Futures Bets FAQ


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