Best Maryland NFL Betting Sites of 2022

The NFL is the most popular sport in the United States even in comparison to major leagues like the NBA and MLB. With online betting becoming legal in more and more states, the popularity is only going to rise. NFL betting has never been more fun and with so many more states legalizing online sportsbooks, the ways to bet on your favorite sport are endless. Let's take a look at everything you need to know about betting on the NFL in the state and how to find the best Maryland sportsbooks for your specific needs.

Top Maryland NFL Online Sportsbooks

🏈 BetMGM Maryland SportsbookExpected Welcome Offer: $1000 Risk Free Bet
🏈 Caesars Maryland SportsbookExpected Welcome Offer: First Bet Matched up to $1,500
🏈 DraftKings Maryland SportsbookExpected Welcome Offer: $1000 Deposit Match
🏈 FanDuel Maryland SportsbookExpected Welcome Offer: $1000 Risk-Free Bet
🏈 PointsBet Maryland SportsbookExpected Welcome Offer: $500 Risk-Free Bet
🏈 TwinSpires Maryland SportsbookExpected Welcome Offer: TBD
🏈 Unibet Maryland SportsbookExpected Welcome Offer: $500 Free Bet

What to Look for When Choosing an NFL Betting Site in Maryland?

With sports betting now legal in the state of Maryland and online sports betting in the works, there will be multiple NFL betting sites to choose from in the future. So how do you know which site is the best? Well, that depends on how you plan to bet on NFL games.

Almost all of the top Maryland NFL betting sites will offer live betting, DraftKings sportsbook in Maryland and the FOX Bet MD sportsbook are among the top. Other sites will offer betting sign-up bonuses while or will offer more odds boosts and promotions. Your best bet is to sign up for multiple NFL betting sites in MD to discover which one bests suits you.

Types of NFL Bets Allowed in MD Sportsbooks

There are several different ways that users can bet on NFL games in Maryland. Bettors will find that all of the most common football bets and wagers are available on the best NFL betting sites. The three most common bets for the NFL feature the moneyline, point spread and point total. But when gambling sites in Maryland launch they will offer parlays, teasers, futures bets and so much more.

NFL Betting Lines & Odds

All of the best NFL betting sites in Maryland will offer competitive lines and NFL odds for the game they love some even offer plentiful odds boosts like the BetRivers Maryland sportsbook. These odds are updated constantly, and you can be assured that they will be fairly consistent from site to site. However, players should still consider signing up for several different online NFL betting sites to shop for the best lines and NFL odds.

Most online NFL betting sites will offer odds using "American Odds", which use a (-) sign to indicate the favorite and a (+) sign to show the underdog. For the favorite, the (-) sign shows the amount needed to bet to win $100. For the underdog, the (+) sign shows how much is won on a $100 bet. As we will mention many times in this guide, NFL sports betting sites will have different betting lines, so be sure to shop around for the best price before making your bet.

NFL Betting Bonuses Available from MD Sportsbooks

Most NFL betting websites will offer players some kind of sign-up bonus to attract players. Some NFL betting websites will offer free bets in MD of up to $600 while others will give players site credit the more, they play. Some sites will even give away free bets periodically to keep players coming back to their sports betting site.

Before signing up for an NFL betting site, be sure to check out all the available bonuses and rewards that each site may offer. In fact, the best strategy is to sign up for multiple online sportsbooks to earn as many rewards and free bets as possible.

User Interface

How a site responds and moves can greatly impact whether or not a player continues to use that NFL betting site. But over the past few years, the user interfaces on both the desktop and mobile platforms have improved greatly. It's easier now than ever to bet on NFL games from your laptop or mobile device. However, the experience can differ from site to site, especially on the mobile end. So be sure to download multiple online sportsbook apps to see which one best suits you.

Deposits & Withdrawals from an NFL Sportsbook in MD

The best NFL betting site in Maryland will make it easy and painless to deposit and withdraw funds from your account. Our deep dive on top betting sites gives users an idea of deposit methods and withdrawal times to expect like the FanDuel MD Sportsbook review or the Unibet MD Review. Luckily, Marylands' NFL betting websites will make it incredibly easy to deposit funds, allowing players to deposit funds the following ways:

VISAInstant Deposits1-5 Day(s) Withdrawals
MasterCardInstant DepositsNo Withdrawals
American ExpressInstant DepositsNo Withdrawals
VenmoInstant Deposits2-5 Day(s) for Withdrawals
PayPalInstant Deposits2-7 Day(s) Withdrawals
Bank Transfer1-3 Day(s) for Deposits3-7 Days for Withdrawals

And just like depositing, withdrawing your funds and winnings is just as simple. Players can link their bank accounts/PayPal and have money withdrawn instantly or sites can send a check via the mail. Be sure to check your favorite online sportsbooks to see what the best way is to deposit and withdraw funds before you bet on NFL games.

Customer Support

One of the most beneficial things a Maryland NFL betting site can offer its players is a quick and reliable way to reach out to customer support when an error or problem arises. Any great online sportsbook will have live support or an email option available to players 24/7, as is the case with the BetMGM sportsbook in Maryland. A site that has a reliable and friendly customer support staff will make your NFL betting experience even more enjoyable in Maryland.

NFL Betting Apps

For many years, NFL bettors could only wager on the sport they love through a casino or via a desktop computer. But now, players can bet on NFL games through their mobile devices. Many top NFL betting sites have done a ton of work to improve their mobile betting apps and it's easier than ever to place a bet on the go. PointsBet Maryland and TwinSpires Maryland are both examples of betting apps that have improved over time.

Nearly all of the best NFL betting sites in Maryland have mobile betting apps. Some apps have easier interfaces to use while others may offer a wider selection of bets and contests available. Be sure to do your research on all of the best online betting sites and their betting apps before wagering on the NFL.

Is Betting on NFL Games Legal in Maryland?

The state of Maryland has approved sports betting and it was signed into law in May 2021. The expectation is that sports betting should officially arrive in the state sometime in the calendar year, hopefully by fall and before football season. Online sport betting in Maryland will take more time before it goes live but o get you prepared, here is everything you need to know about online NFL betting.

Best NFL Bets

While there are many ways to bet on the NFL, here are some of the most popular, fun and profitable ways to do so in the state of Maryland.


The easiest and most straightforward way to bet on the NFL is via the moneyline. All bettors have to do is wager on who they believe will win the game. A moneyline bet does not require a certain margin of victory or total points scored, instead, just picking the winner. Here is an example of an NFL moneyline bet:

Baltimore Ravens (-150) over Atlanta Falcons (+125)

In the example above, the Ravens are a -150 favorite, which means that a player would need to wager $150 to win $100. The Falcons are the underdog in this game and a $100 bet would win a sports bettor $125. The NFL odds vary from site to site, so be sure to shop around for the best prices from your favorite online NFL sportsbooks.

NFL Live Betting in Maryland

If you really want to get into NFL betting, considering live betting. This allows players to bet on the game as it is happening with real-time updated odds and lines on just about everything you can imagine. Players can wager on the latest moneyline, point spread, total and even the final outcome of a drive. Some sites even allow players to wager on the number of yards gained on upcoming plays, whether it will be a run or pass, etc. Be sure to check out the best NFL betting sites to see what type of live betting experience they can offer.


A parlay bet is as simple as combing multiple point spread, moneyline or total bets into one single bet. The appeal of a parlay bet is that players can get bigger odds with far bigger payouts. The key thing to note about parlays is that all legs of the bet must hit in order for the parlay bet to be considered a win. Here is an example of a moneyline parlay bet using the NFL and the potential payout:

Ravens (-150) over Browns, Washington Commanders (+125) over Cowboys, Rams (+150) over Seahawks = +837

In this bet, a three-team moneyline parlay would have odds of +837. That gives players more value than if they were to just bet each game individually. Parlays are much riskier bets than a traditional moneyline or point spread bet, but the value and overall payouts are often very intriguing when NFL betting.

Point Spread Betting

The most common wager in NFL betting is via the point spread. Point spreads are created to help balance two unequal teams with the goal to attract action on both sides. Here is an example of what a point spread line (and NFL betting odds) may look like during an NFL game:

Pittsburgh Steelers (+3.5, -110) vs. Baltimore Ravens (-3.5, -110)

In this example, the Ravens are 3.5 point favorites over the Steelers (at home). For the Ravens to cover the spread, they would need to win by more than 3.5 points. Likewise, the Steelers would need to win outright or lose by no more than 3.5 points to cover the spread. Payouts for point spread bets are usually -110, but they do vary depending on the NFL sportsbook.

Totals Betting

In this example, the Ravens are 3.5 point favorites over the Steelers (at home). For the Ravens to cover the spread, they would need to win by more than 3.5 points. Likewise, the Steelers would need to win outright or lose by no more than 3.5 points to cover the spread. Payouts for point spread bets are usually -110, but they do vary depending on the NFL sportsbook.

Baltimore Ravens at Washington Commanders

Over 44.5 (-110)

Under 44.5 (-110)

In the example above, both the over and under have the same payout at -110. If 45 points (or more) were scored in this hypothetical matchup, the OVER would be deemed a "WIN". Likewise, if 44 or fewer points were scored, that would be a "LOSS" for over bettors.

It's important to note that the location of a game and more specifically, the weather, can dramatically increase or decrease the point total. Be sure to not only check for the best odds and lines on your favorite NFL betting sites but to be aware of the weather during an upcoming contest.


If you are searching for a way to bet on a team or player over the course of the season and not just in a single week, NFL Futures betting is the way to go. Bettors can wager on nearly any NFL event in the future, such as the Super Bowl Champion, Division Winner, MVP Winner, etc. Depending on the online sportsbook, bettors can even wager on the first coach to be fired, the Comeback Player of the Year, season-long win totals, etc.

The appeal of an NFL Futures bet is that it allows bettors to wager on their favorite teams and/or players and root for them all season long, rather than just in one week. But before you place your first NFL Futures bet, be sure to check out several different NFL betting sites to find the best odds and lines available in Maryland.

Prop Bets

An increasingly popular way to bet is by placing NFL prop bets on your favorite online sportsbook. A player prop is a way to bet on the NFL that doesn't include anything with the final outcome of the game. Instead, a bettor can wager on the number of passing yards, touchdowns, receptions, etc during an NFL game. For example, a bettor might wager on the number of rushing yards for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson in an upcoming game. A common payout for a wager is -110 on both sides (the OVER or UNDER), but these odds can change depending on the NFL betting site.

When Does the NFL Season Start & End?

The NFL has extended the regular season to 17 games, which means it's now an 18-week season with each team having one bye week. The NFL season will usually begin in the second week of September and with Week 18 finishing up in the second week of January. The playoffs will immediately begin the following week with the Super Bowl now occurring during the second week of February. With the added game and the extra two teams in the playoffs, it gives us even more NFL betting opportunities!

NFL Playoffs & Super Bowl

After the regular season has ended, players can still wager on the NFL during the playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl. There are multiple different ways to bet on the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, including the standard points spread, moneyline and point total bets. It's worth noting that because of the fewer games in the playoffs (compared to the regular season), NFL betting sites in Maryland will often post more prop bets and unusual bets to attract the attention of bettors.

But with fewer games to bet on means that there are going to be more wagers on a condensed number of games. Look for closer lines and odds as the playoffs and Super Bowl arrives.

Another way that players can enjoy betting on the NFL playoffs is by wagering on "Playoff Futures." Players can bet on who will win the Super Bowl once the playoffs are set, Super Bowl matchups, and even the Super Bowl line weeks before the final two teams even make it to the final game. Betting on the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl via online sports betting is just another great way to enjoy the best sport in the world.

NFL Betting Strategy & Tips

Whether you are an expert or a new player, there are always a handful of tips and tricks that can be used be when NFL betting online. But the most important tip is to always use a reputable sportsbook that is legal in your state. Another is to always shop for the best line or odds as they can vary from state to state. Outside of those two tips, here are a few strategies to consider when wagering on the NFL in Maryland:

  • Home Versus Away

    As in most sports, teams that play at home typically win a higher percentage of games than teams that play on the road. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, but it's just the fact of the NFL over the last several decades. But before placing an NFL bet, be sure to do your research to find what teams, coaches, and players play the best at home and when on the road as there are several who excel (or struggle) depending on the location of the game.

  • Betting NFL Underdogs & Unders

    In most sports, underdogs rarely win. But in the NFL, there will be a handful of underdogs every week who not only cover the spread but win the game. Most bettors love to bet on the favorite, so consider betting on underdogs in the NFL to find value. Likewise, most NFL bettors take the "OVER" on point totals as it's fun to root for points to be scored in a game. But the "UNDER" is usually a profitable bet, albeit less fun. Consider betting on underdogs and unders at the Maryland NFL sportsbook.

  • Reverse NFL Line Movement

    A smart strategy when it comes to betting on the NFL is to track the line movement of a game over the course of the week. Oftentimes because of injuries, starting lineup changes, or weather, the point spread, and total can change significantly over the week. Reverse line movement is when the lines move in the wrong direction of what makes sense for sharp or big bettors. It's important to remember that the goal of a sportsbook is to get equal action on both sides, so they will often change the lines to increase betting on one specific side. Be on the lookout for when sportsbooks change lines throughout the week as this is when players can find value in NFL markets.

  • Betting Smaller NFL Markets

    Most bettors will wager on big market teams (Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, etc) and NFL sportsbooks will often inflate those lines as well as "big-game" lines. These games tend to have less value, so consider betting on smaller markets and on "lesser" games to find value. These games will often have fewer viewers and fewer bettors, which can create some value for smarter players.

  • NFL Halftime Betting Lines

    Another way to bet on the NFL is to bet on the moneyline or point spread during halftime. Bettors can wager on the score at halftime, or they can wager during halftime on what the final outcome of the game will be. Players are also able to wager on the number of points scored in the second half, the second half point spread, etc.

Bet on the NFL at a Top Maryland Sportsbook

Betting on the NFL is such an enjoyable experience and online sportsbooks have made it even easier to place your bets. As soon as betting goes live in the state of Maryland, players will be able to bet on not only the NFL but several other sports as well. Be sure to use all of the tips and tricks listed above before betting and choosing your favorite NFL sportsbooks in Maryland.

NFL Betting in Maryland FAQ


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