What is a Prop Bet? A Guide to Maryland Prop Bets

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Prop bets present many choices in which you can enhance your online sports betting experience. Leading Maryland sportsbooks will offer a host of props that enable you to wager on various aspects of games involving your favorite teams and leagues. 

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What is a Prop Bet?

Prop bets, or proposition bets to give them their full title, focus on a particular outcome within a sporting event. What makes them different from other types of sports betting such as the moneyline or point spreads is that they do not focus on the overall result of the game.

Some props relate to the performance of individual players in a game, such as the number of points, runs or goals they will score. Others are known as game props; examples are the chance to bet on which team will reach a certain number of points first, or be leading at half-time.

It is possible to find hundreds of prop betting opportunities on leading sports games. In this guide we'll explain what prop bets are, how to place them, and the strategies you can use to thrive in this particular form of online sports betting. Also, be sure to check out the  Maryland sports betting promo codes before placing your prop bet.

How Are Prop Bets Used in Maryland Sports Betting?

Prop bets are used by sportsbooks to add greater breadth, depth and thought-provoking opportunities to sports bettors assessing a game. Rather than needing to focus purely on the match result - as you do with the moneyline or point spreads - you are challenged to predict how a certain aspect of the action will play out.

You may be undecided about how a team will fare in a game, but have a strong opinion about the likely performance of one particular player. Whether that individual's team wins or loses does not affect the outcome of a prop bet on their performance. Props offer you a different way to watch sport, and to enjoy Maryland sports betting when you have no skin in the game in terms of the overall result.

How Do Prop Bets Work: Understanding Prop Bet Odds in Maryland

The prop bets Maryland sports bettors can place work in the same way as any other type of wager on your betting website or app. All of the top Maryland betting apps will offer a generous selection of props - and it is in their interest to make the process of sports betting with them as straightforward as possible.

Take the example of a market relating to the first player to score a touchdown in the Washington Commanders' next NFL game. There will be odds next to each player; if the individual you believe will be the first to score a touchdown is quoted at +600, that means you win $60 for every $10 you stake on that outcome.

You will soon discover that, because they focus on such a narrow aspect of a game, prop bet odds tend to be much more volatile, and move up and down more rapidly, than the prices on markets such as point spreads and totals.

Bonus Bets Expire in 7 Days. One New Customer Offer Only. Must be 21+ to participate & present in MD. In Partnership with MGM National Harbor. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Visit BetMGM.com for Terms & Conditions. US promotional offers not available in NY, NV, or Puerto Rico.

Types of Prop Bets in Maryland

As soon as you delve into the variety of bets available at leading sports betting operators, you will discover just how many types of prop bets there are. They tend to fall into the following two categories.

  • Player Props  Player prop bets enable you to wager on an individual's performance in a single game. Whether or not their team wins, you can score a payout by correctly predicting how well - or otherwise - they play. The Draftkings Maryland Sportsbook offers a particularly good selection of player props on major sports. For example, you may be convinced Demarcus Robinson is going to have a standout game at wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. If DraftKings, or another sports betting company, is offering an over/under bet on his total receiving yards in the Ravens' next game at 10.5, you can wager on the over - and collect when he records more than that number.
  • Game-Level Prop Bets Game-level props focus on how a team is going to fare in an upcoming fixture - regardless of whether it will win or lose, or cover the spread. There are a host of ways of enjoying your online sports betting experience wagering on a team in this way. You may believe the Baltimore Orioles will have a fast start in their next MLB game, for instance - you can stake money on the Orioles to be the first team to score. You can also wager on them to be in the lead after three innings, or five. Other game props include betting on whether or not both teams will score a run, or more than a certain total of runs; the potential variations on game-level props are almost endless.
  • NFL Prop Bets  Football is the biggest sport by far when it comes to online sports betting, and the top sportsbooks go all out to capture attention and investment from dedicated NFL fans with a host of prop betting opportunities. Player props on an upcoming Baltimore Ravens game will include the chance to wager on the first touchdown scorer, the total passing yards by a quarterback, and rushing yards by a running back. When it comes to game props, you can bet on the number of touchdowns in the game, the half-time/full-time leaders, the winning margin, the chance of overtime being played, and so many more. Check out your favorite sportsbook to see the full range of NFL prop betting markets - you may be surprised by just how extensive it is.
  • NBA Prop Bets Basketball is another sport that lends itself to a huge range of prop bets. One of the most popular is the game-scoring leader - check out the likely line-ups for the Washington Wizards' next NBA game and use your knowledge of the teams to identify who will record the most points. And not just points; you can wager on blocks, rebounds, and assists too. As well as being able to wager on individual performances, you can find many of the same markets applying to the Wizards' team too. In a high-scoring sport like basketball, the potential for prop bets is almost limitless.
  • MLB Prop Bets One of baseball's defining characteristics is the plethora of statistics it generates. Those facts and figures can be used to drive a host of intriguing prop betting markets. If you think Anthony Santander is due a big game for the Baltimore Orioles, you can wager on his chances of hitting a home run, on the total number of runs he will score, and how many hits he will record. There are also plenty of team bets to be had. Check out the Washington Nationals' upcoming MLB game; you can wager on them being ahead after three innings, their chances of scoring first, the overall winning margin, and many more.
  • NHL Prop Bets When the Washington Capitals next take to the ice, there will be a host of ways to wager on their game without worrying whether they win it or not. You can bet on a player's performance, specifically the number of points, assists, or shots they record. You can even wager on how many shots a goaltender will save. The range of NHL team props is equally generous. You may choose to wager on exactly how many goals the Capitals score, their chances of scoring first, or the possibility that they will be ahead after the first period.

College Football Prop Bets

A huge number of fans take an interest when the Maryland Terrapins take to the field. College football is immensely popular in Maryland and elsewhere, and as a result, there are plenty of props to enjoy at your favorite sports betting sites and apps. In some states, sportsbooks cannot offer prop bets on individual players' performances.

Even if that is the case, there are plenty of ways to place game prop bets on college football the same way as you do on the NFL. Markets such as total touchdowns, the half-time leader, and the winning margin should be available.

College Basketball Prop Bets

Nobody who has experienced the excitement around March Madness could be unaware of the hold that college basketball exerts on sports fans across the USA. That interest will drive numerous prop sports betting opportunities when the Maryland Terrapins hit the court.

Player props revolve around the number of points, assists, and rebounds recorded by individuals. There will be a host of team props available too, and you can wager on the Terrapins' performance in each quarter, the race to 20 points, and their total for the game.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

For the clinching evidence that props are a hugely popular variety of sports betting, look no further than the Super Bowl. This is reputed to be the biggest single sporting event on the annual calendar when it comes to wagering - and sportsbooks take advantage by offering a staggering variety of props, even more than on a regular season game.

As well as the normal range of player and team props, some sportsbooks offer bets on the color of the Gatorade tipped over the winning coach or an over/under on the number of seconds it will take for the National Anthem to be sung. It should be noted, though, that most licensed sportsbooks do not allow their invention to go so far as to offer this type of novelty bet.

Exotic Event Prop Bets

Prop bets are most commonly offered on sporting events. However, there are occasions when it is possible to wager on occasions taking place well away from the sports arena.

Examples of this phenomenon include betting on the winner of TV reality shows (provided they are live and not pre-recorded) and wagering on the Academy Awards. As well as being able to bet on the winner in each category, it is sometimes possible for you to wager on the over/under on the number of seconds in the Best Actor winner's speech, or on the first thank-you by the Best Actress winner.

Payouts on Prop Bets in Maryland

Payouts on prop bet odds work the same as any other type of sports betting odds. Let's say you stake $10 on Lamar Jackson to score the first touchdown in the Baltimore Ravens' next game at odds of +625. If Lamar duly obliges, you will get a payout of $62.50, plus your stake, for a total return of $72.50.

Can You Parlay Prop Bets in MD?

Many sports betting aficionados love a parlay - and many sportsbooks allow you to combine two or more props. However, it is essential that you check your sportsbook's stance on this, particularly when it comes to props in the same game. 

FanDuel Sportsbook Maryland is well known for their Same Game Parlays, but some other sportsbooks may have different rules. If the outcome of one leg could impact another - such as betting on Bradley Beal to have Over 3.5 three-pointers, and over 21.5 total points scored - some sportsbooks may refuse to take the bet.

Maryland Prop Betting Strategy & Tips

As with any form of sports betting, there are certain steps you can take to become more knowledgeable and successful when it comes to prop betting. Below we give you our tips to give you an edge.

Study Form and Trends

By knowing as much as you can about the teams playing in a game you want to bet on, you can spot the best value in the prop betting markets. Check out the teams' and players' recent forms, and take the time to look up previous meetings between the sides to see if you can spot patterns when they clash.

Listen out for the Latest News

If a player is going to miss a game because they are injured, suspended, or replaced, and you know about it before a sportsbook adjusts its lines, you could grab a prop bet with extra value. Listen out for anything that could impact the game, such as an adverse weather forecast or even rumors of dissent within the locker room.

Be Ready to Move Fast

Many prop bets can be placed during a game, and indeed some bettors see such wagers as a variation on the theme of live sports betting. If you spot something in a game that might make a difference to the outcome of your prop bet - an individual playing particularly well or badly, for instance - you might be quick enough to secure a profitable position.

Prop Bets vs. Futures

Prop bets and futures are similar in that they are not related specifically to the result of an upcoming game. In other ways, however, they are quite different. A futures bet could involve your money being tied up for several months while you wait to see if your long-term fancy for the Super Bowl or the World Series obliges. Newer bettors might prefer the more immediate gratification of a prop bet on a game tonight or tomorrow.

Place Your First Prop Bet in Maryland

Now that you know everything there is to know about prop bets, you are ready to enjoy this particular variety of sports betting. Do your research, add it to your existing knowledge and expertise in your favorite sport or team, and do not be afraid to back your opinion with a wager.

All the leading sports betting operators carry extensive lists of prop bets, so there are plenty of options to try. The Caesars sportsbook Maryland, for instance, will have enormous numbers of props for you to study - and enjoy!

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