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Betting on baseball is all about doing your research and making smart, calculated decisions. The same goes for finding the best MLB betting sites. You've come to the right place.

Top Maryland MLB Online Sportsbooks

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Looking for deeper information on MLB betting in Maryland? We're the authority in Maryland sports betting and below, our team of experts explain everything you need to know about betting on baseball in Maryland. From betting on the Orioles to win the World Series, to placing a prop bet on Gunnar Henderson, our comprehensive breakdown below answers any question you have. 

What to Look for When Choosing an MLB Betting Site in Maryland

All online sportsbooks will have pros and cons for bettors based on the unit amount, strategy, wagering style and overall preferences. But some aspects are more important than others when looking for the best online sportsbooks. Those include things like ease of deposit, withdrawal times and in-play betting interface. We’ll go over the most important things when looking for online betting sites and the big factors that help comprise our rankings.

Types of MLB Bets Allowed in MD

MLB bettors in Maryland will have quite a few legal options when looking for baseball betting sites. That’s very important and hugely beneficial for bettors as opposed to being limited to a single site. You need multiple sportsbooks to line shop and find value, and it allows bettors to take advantage of multiple first-time bonus offers and sign-up initiatives. These are just a few reasons why various regulated betting sites can be so useful for betting on the MLB or even NBA betting in Maryland.

Baseball Betting Lines and Odds at MD Sportsbooks

Becoming a profitable baseball bettor isn’t easy, which is why you need to give yourself the best chance to succeed. Since this is a money business, that means finding the best betting lines available every day on the games you want to bet.

Let’s say the Yankees are playing at Baltimore and the Orioles are a slight favorite. One MLB betting site like BetMGM MD might list the Orioles at -115, which means a bettor risks $115 to win $100. Another online sportsbook such as MD PointsBet might have them at -122, meaning a bettor risks $122 to win $100. Obviously, -115 is the better line because you are risking less to win the same amount.

That much is obvious to experienced bettors, but it’s hugely important for newcomers betting baseball to understand. It only takes a few minutes to check multiple legal MLB betting sites in Maryland to find the best line on every game, every day. That’s one of the biggest reasons having many different betting sites is helpful for bettors in a regulated market.

MLB Bonuses and Rewards for Maryland Bettors

Legal sportsbooks in Maryland are all competing for new bettors. They’re all looking for a leg-up in the new marketplace, and the way they go about it is by offering various bonuses, free bets and sign-up incentives. That’s a great thing for customers because these promotions are completely legitimate.

Some sites including Maryland DraftKings will match the first deposit up to a certain amount for new customers. Let’s say for example you sign up with your MLB betting site and make a $200 initial deposit. The site would then match that and add another $200 to your account, doubling your bankroll from the start. Others will provide bonus credits. If the bet wins, you keep the profits. If the bet doesn’t hit, you still don’t lose anything.

User Interface

When you put in the hard work on the daily grind that is baseball betting, you don’t want to waste too much time fumbling around a clunky betting site. Things like ease-of-use, intuitiveness and overall functionality are huge, especially when placing MLB bets right before first pitch or jumping on live lines.

Basically, these are sportsbooks you’ll be using all the time and need to be familiar with when time is of the essence. The best betting sites will allow you to do that with ease and comfortably navigate the website and mobile betting app. This is the case with sportsbooks like TwinSpires Maryland or Maryland Unibet feel free to read the in-depth sportsbook reviews.

Deposits and Withdrawals at a Maryland Baseball Sportsbook

Making deposits could be a little tricky in the months after legal sports betting was first rolled out in the U.S. Banks were still catching up and payment options could be limited.

Luckily that’s no longer the case, and Maryland bettors should have no problem finding at least one familiar deposit method. With multiple sportsbooks including MD FanDuel and PointsBet MD taking popular payment options this has become very easy. We’ve factored those things into our rankings because it’s a key first step in the entire process.

After you’ve wagered comfortably for a while and want to withdrawal some of your funds, it shouldn’t be a hassle. Some sportsbooks are quicker than others in terms of withdrawal times, which also factors heavily into our rankings system of baseball betting sites.

Making a profit betting on baseball is a grind. Depositing and cashing out with your hard-earned money should be the easy part. Consult our list of the best sites to bet major league baseball games to find the best options there.

Customer Support

Another thing we consider when ranking sportsbooks is the available customer support. All our recommended sites have some form of customer support, but certain sites are more helpful than others.

It’s one of those things that bettors hope they don’t need, but it’s essential to ensure player safety. If you feel a bet was graded incorrectly or are having problems making a withdrawal, you want to get those issues sorted out immediately. Live support and email options are especially helpful in that regard.

This is also one of the benefits of using legal baseball betting sites in Maryland instead of unregulated offshore sites. Those illegal books don’t need to adhere to any sort of standard because they aren’t vetted by a regulatory board, and there are no guarantee players will be able to successfully resolve any wrong that pops up when using offshore sites.

Maryland MLB Betting Apps

As previously mentioned, user interface and website layout are very important for bettors. But it’s equally important to offer a competitive MLB betting app that players can access from anywhere in Maryland with their mobile phones which you might find from the Caesars Maryland betting app.

We definitely weigh the mobile app experience heavily in our rankings because that’s how so many people prefer to bet on Major League Baseball. It’s very convenient and especially useful for in-game betting in the later innings when time is of the essence. Providing a smooth mobile experience with clear visuals and simple steps to place a bet will only continue to get more important for MLB wagering.

Is Betting on MLB Games Legal in Maryland?

Betting on MLB games is now completely legal in Maryland with few restrictions. All the legal MLB wagering sites will have odds and at least a few props for every Orioles game, as well as every other game in the league daily.

The lines on each game will vary slightly depending on the baseball betting site, as will the number of available game and pitcher props. But in terms of all the standard action on all 30 MLB teams, there should be very few restrictions.

How to Bet on the Baseball Online in Maryland?

Soon the days of trekking hundreds of miles to a casino or sportsbook to place a few MLB wagers will be over. Maryland bettors will one day be able to easily bet from their favorite sportsbook sites or mobile apps, which is far more inclusive than retail-only states.

The first step is to find a few sportsbooks from our list and sign up. You’ll have to provide some basic personal information like name, address, and social security number, but the process is perfectly safe. These sites are all heavily vetted to ensure player safety.

Once your registration is confirmed, you can make your first deposit and begin to take advantage of the different bonus offers and promotions. Most sites should offer deposit methods like debit/credit card, PayPal, prepaid cards like the Play+ card, e-wallets like Skrill, or bank transfers.

Once the first deposit goes through, you should check for every matched deposit and bonus bet option available. Then it’s time to make your first wager and start betting on MLB games.

Most Popular MLB Bets Maryland Bettors Should Know About

While there are many ways to bet on the MLB here are some of the most popular, fun and profitable.

  • Moneyline A bet on the moneyline just means you’re betting on a team to win the game. Let’s say the Washington Nationals are playing the Red Sox and the Nationals are -120 favorite with baseball betting sites. You risk $120 to win $100 and as long as the Nationals win the game by any margin, your bet is a winner. Conversely, if the Red Sox were +110 on the moneyline and win the game, a $100 bet would pay $110.
  • MLB Live Betting Live betting is all the rage these days and provides endless opportunities. After the game line comes off the board following first pitch, MLB sportsbooks will update with new lines for moneyline and total each half inning. This is a great way to find an edge if you’re familiar with all teams and things like bullpen workload, weather impact, etc. You can also spot some good value lines in the early innings if a big favorite falls behind by a run or two, or later in the game if a big underdog is holding on to a lead.
  • Parlays While bettors have the option for moneyline, run line and total on just about every MLB game, MLB betting sites also have an option to combine multiple bets into a parlay. The key is that every bet must hit for the parlay to win. If you correctly bet four out of five games in a five-leg parlay, the parlay still loses. A parlay can contain as many games as you want and often lead to lucrative payouts when they hit. Let’s say you wanted to do a three-game parlay with Orioles moneyline +150, Yankees moneyline -130 and Red Sox-Blue Jays Over 9.5 runs -110. A $100 wager on that parlay would payout approximately $744 at most baseball betting sites. But remember, every game needs to hit to cash in.
  • Runline The run line is baseball’s version of a point spread. Let’s say the Orioles are a -140 favorite over the Chicago Cubs. If you believe the Orioles will easily win but don’t want to risk $140 to win $100, you could take the Orioles -1.5 on the run line at +165 odds instead. That means you’d risk $100 to win $165 if the run line bet hits. But the key is the Orioles have to win the game by two runs or more. If they beat the Cubs 7-6, the run line bet would lose even though Baltimore was victorious by a run.
  • Totals Betting The total line, or over/under, is all about how many combined runs will be scored in a given game. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses. The total could be 10.5 for a game between the Yankees and the Red Sox. You can then bet whether the total number of runs scored will be more or less than 10.5. If the Yankees win 10-2, the 12 total runs scored means Over bettors would cash. If the Yankees win 6-4, the Under bettors will cash as the total of 10 runs stayed under 10.5.
  • Futures Futures bets are available in several categories for betting on baseball games. Rather than wagering on a game, you’re wagering on a future outcome – hence the name – that could be weeks or months in the future. For example, the Orioles could have +5000 odds to win the World Series at the start of the season. That means a $100 bet on the Orioles would win $5,000 if Baltimore wins the World Series that year. Similar futures odds are offered at MLB betting sites for teams to make the playoffs, win their division or win the pennant. They even offer futures odds on player awards like AL Cy Young and MVP or statistical milestones like MLB home run leader. You could bet something like Trey Mancini +3000 to lead the league in homers. These futures odds are still on the board throughout the season and remain fluid, with odds changing frequently based on the current standings and probabilities.
  • Prop Bets While moneyline, run line and over/under should be offered for every game, many of the top online betting sites also offer various game and player prop bets. Many books offer player home run props, meaning you could bet something like Cedric Mullins to go deep in a given game at +400 odds. The same goes for over/under strikeout totals for starting pitchers and over/under 0.5 hits or RBI for position players. Game prop bets are also widely available. You can bet on things like the first five innings line, odd or even number for total runs in the game, etc.

When Does the MLB Season Start & End?

The MLB regular season is the most intense of any sport, with games nearly every day and 162 regular-season games for each team. The season begins with spring training as pitchers and catchers report to camp in late February. The teams then play exhibition games throughout March.

The regular season starts in early April with games every day until the All-Star break in mid-July. After all 162 games have been played, the playoffs begin in October and conclude with the World Series in late October or early November.

MLB and the MLBPA (Major League Baseball Player's Association) are currently in a lockout and the status of the 2022 MLB Season has been yet to be determined.

MLB Playoffs & World Series

The MLB playoffs are electric from a betting standpoint, including the World Series. Every at-bat is amplified, and every decision can be do-or-die in the late innings of close games. It’s also a great time to bet because there are key differences that not all bettors will recognize. Things like having starting pitchers available in the bullpen and roster expansion can make a big difference, and the games usually feature elite starting pitching. It is simply the most exciting time of year for MLB betting lines.

MLB Betting Strategy and Tips for MD Bettors

Betting Major League Baseball tends to be more rewarding than any sport because of the sheer number of games. The regular season is a massive slate and those who put in the work and research tend to be rewarded more at baseball betting sites.

But to become a consistently profitable baseball bettor, it takes more than crunching the numbers, tracking trends and monitoring the daily injury report. Having an overall strategy in mind and sticking to the plan is essential over the course of 162 games. You might find some strategies more effective than others based on your wagering style, but there are a few easy-to-learn methods that can be implemented right away at the best MLB betting sites.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is all about setting a standard wager amount, often referred to as a unit. It could be $10 or $10,000 based on how much you’re comfortable with. The actual amount doesn’t matter at all as long as it stays consistent. The key in bankroll management is sticking to that unit amount throughout the highs and lows of a season. Increasing bet sizes after a few losses can deplete the bankroll in a hurry, while winning streaks can also lead to emotional decisions. Stick with your bankroll management plan and you’ll have a much better chance at consistent profit.

Volume Betting

Volume betting is the idea that you can try to take advantage of hot streaks by increasing your number of bets. The unit amount should be the same as always, but the idea is you spread out your wagers and bet one unit on multiple games instead of increasing your unit amount on one game. Think of it like this. If you bet $100 on one coin flip, you have a 50% chance of losing $100. But if you bet $10 on 10 coin flips, your odds of losing all $100 are just .00098%.

Shop the Lines

Line shopping allows the bettor to get the best available odds on a given game at MLB betting sites. It’s also the reason having multiple accounts at online sports betting sites is so advantageous. If one betting site lists the Orioles as a +130 underdog and another has them as a +135 underdog, you always take the +135 odds because a $100 bet would pay $135 instead of $130. These seemingly small differences add up over the course of the season in a big way, and you will absolutely have a better chance of long-term profit by shopping the lines each day.

Know the Weather

Baseball is an outdoor sport in most cases and results can be heavily influenced by the weather. It can impact the moneyline, over/under and even player props at MLB betting sites. If the wind is blowing out at Wrigley Field, it’s common to see extremely high-scoring games for the Cubs. And for moneyline purposes, it gives a big edge to starting pitchers who tend to give up more ground balls than fly balls. Things like humidity and elevation can also have a significant impact on how far the ball travels or how much break pitchers can generate.

Study the Stadiums

While it’s always the same distance from the pitcher’s mound to home plate, the outfield and foul territory dimensions are drastically different from park to park. That, too, can have a big impact on MLB betting. Bigger ballparks like Comerica Park in Detroit tend to favor pitchers, while smaller outfield dimensions like Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati tend to favor hitters. That doesn’t automatically mean you should take the Under in Detroit and the Over in Cincinnati every game. You just need to understand how those dimensions play into the over/under odds and moneyline at the best MLB betting sites.

Avoid the Favorites

While it’s always tempting to take big favorites on the moneyline, you don’t want to make a habit of it when betting on baseball. To turn a profit with -110 odds, you need to be correct 52.4% of the time. When you bet -140 or -200 odds on a baseball game, the number is way higher, and just a few losses can put you in a deep hole. Remember, it’s a 162-game season and even the best teams still lose around 55-60 times per year.

Use Underdogs

Conversely, taking more than your share of underdogs in baseball betting can be a great strategy to get going. When you start taking +130 or +150 underdogs, you don’t even need to hit at a 50% clip to turn a profit. And, sure, the starting pitching matchups might look pretty lopsided on paper. But anything can happen over nine innings, and we particularly recommend targeting underdogs playing teams with below-average bullpens. Again, even the worst teams in the league still win around 50 to 60 games per year.

Pay Attention to Umpires

It’s common knowledge that each umpire has slightly different tendencies with the strike zone when they’re behind home plate. One might be a little more generous on the corners for elite starters or squeeze pitchers who aren’t consistently finding the zone. Understanding and tracking umpire tendencies can give you a big leg up on MLB wagering for everything from over/under to individual pitcher strikeout props.

Get Started MLB Betting at a Maryland Baseball Sportsbook

It’s an exciting time for sports bettors in Maryland, with plans for legal online sportsbooks taking place. Remember that having multiple options is very beneficial for bettors, and they shouldn’t let it go to waste.

Find a few recommended betting sites you like, take advantage of the bonus offers and promotions, have a strategy in mind and stay on top of bankroll management. While players will also be able to get action on NFL, NBA, NHL, college football and basketball, there’s nothing quite like the daily grind of MLB wagering.

MLB Betting in Maryland FAQ


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