Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8 Power Ranking

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Ashley’s Austin adventure continues on Episode 7 of the Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8. After last week’s stand-out episode, this one certainly feels a little dull, with the action mostly centred around an uneventful kayaking excursion. Nevertheless, there is still plenty to discuss as we update our weekly power rankings based on the web traffic these ladies have generated over the past seven days.

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Who Won Episode 7?

RankCharacter Movement
1.Karen Huger+1
2.Gizelle Bryant-1
3.Candiace Dillard+/-0
4Ashley Darby+/-0
5.Dr. Wendy Osefo+/-0
6.Robyn Dixon+/-0
7.Mia Thornton+/-0
8.Charisse Jackson-Jordan+/-0
9Nneka Ihim+/-0

*Robyn’s Twitter has since been deleted and is not taken into account for the ranking

Shake Up At The Top

Not only did Karen Huger re-gain the top spot in our power rankings this week, but she also celebrated her triple-twenty! In honor of her birthday, the producers had each of the girls say a few words about the Grand Dame, and cut together a cute little montage. They also subjected to Karen to a pair of Austin activities she had no interest in partaking in, whatsoever — kayaking and chicken shit bingo (Karen doesn’t do the dirty bird). Considering her birthday was also ruined by last season’s infamous Miami trip, I sure hope Bravo has something big in mind for Karen’s triple-twenty-plus-one next year.

Meanwhile, Gizelle has slipped to number two. This week the show once again delves into the accusations of colorism lodged by Candiace against Gizelle (and in a sense, acknowledges the vocal cohort of RHOP viewers who see this as a problem with the show more generally). Regardless of anyone’s stance on that issue, it sucks that Gizelle and her family have become the target of online harassment. Let’s educate, not hate, people.

How The Others Fared

While the rest of the housewives remain in the same position within our rankings, there’s still plenty of drama to dissect — in particular between Candiace and Robyn.

If Candiace seemed overcome with emotion at the beginning of the episode, it’s probably because at that moment — jammed into an Austin dive-bar, taking bets on where a chicken’s going to poop — it finally sunk in that her friendship with Robyn Dixon is beyond saving. Last week Candiace offered up a drunken olive branch, with the naive belief that an on-screen heart-to-heart may put their relationship back on the right track.

But Robyn doesn’t want to make up for the cameras or otherwise. Candiace and her husband Chris have spent the time between filming publicly shading Robyn and Juan, essentially taking a victory lap over the strife within the Dixon household. What’s more, Robyn barely has the energy to participate in the show. Forget playing nice with Candiace.

More Drama To Come

Episode 7 ended with a mid-season trailer teasing the action to come when the show returns in the New Year on Sunday, January 7th. And it looks like there are some big things in store for the rest of Season 8: Candiace’s attempts to get pregnant, Juan and Robyn’s on-going relationship challenges, Gizelle’s daughter leaving for college, and Karen getting a tattoo.

But if you thought that we were done with the Nneka-Wendy feud because it wasn’t mentioned at all in Episode 7, you’re out of luck. The mid-season trailer makes it clear we’re not leaving that tired storyline behind just yet. On the other hand, the unique access the show seems to have to the fractured relationship between and Gordon has the potential to be fascinating reality TV.


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