Maryland Odds Boosts: Enhanced Sports Betting Odds in MD

Marylanders, the wait is almost over. By the end of 2022, you can expect to legally access online betting sites in Maryland from the comfort of your own home. Online betting offers a range of promotions, rewards, and boosted odds that you would not usually find at your typical casino. Providers offer these deals as an incentive for their users to keep sports betting action on their betting websites.

One of the most common promotions is an odds boost which changes the payout odds for your benefit. This is a great way to increase your balance with minimal risk. A majority of online betting platforms offer these promotions weekly and some even daily. Be sure to check with your provider on how often odds boosts are available.

Best Daily Odds Boosts from Maryland's Best Sportsbooks

There are several operators to choose from in Maryland. Let's go over some of the most popular Maryland betting sites that offer odds boosts.

1. Caesars Sportsbook MD

Caesars Sportsbook Maryland is an official sports betting partner of the NFL and offers users some of the biggest and best promotions available. Caesars offers a daily super-boost giving users daily boosted odds on certain bets. Caesars also offers users a loyalty program that includes sports betting. Caesars offers two types of credits: Tier Credits and Reward Credits. You can earn one Reward Credit and one Tier Credit for every $10 spent.

2. DraftKings Sportsbook MD

Since the launch of DraftKings Maryland in 2012, the platform soon became one of the leading betting sites available. DraftKings offers same-game parlays, pools, a championship series, odds boosts, promotions, and missions. Promotions are offered regularly, which include free bets, odds boosts, and more. DraftKings' pool feature allows bettors to pick multiple outcomes and go up against other bettors. Make the most correct predictions for a bigger share of the prize pool.

3. FanDuel Sportsbook MD

FanDuel Maryland gives users more ways to win by allowing them to bet on spreads, teasers, props, parlays, or moneyline bets in Maryland. FanDuel covers all major U.S. leagues, including NFL odds, CFB odds, NBA odds, MLB odds, soccer odds, golf odds, boxing odds, NASCAR odds, and many more. The FanDuel app is clean, easy to access, and user-friendly. They certainly have one of the best-looking and easiest-to-use websites and betting apps in Maryland.

4. PointsBet Sportsbook MD

PointsBet Maryland offers the most markets within all four major U.S. sporting leagues: NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Its bookmaker is unique in offering PointsBetting, a high-risk, high-reward form of betting. Clients are either rewarded or docked by how right or wrong their wager was.

The profit or loss on the bet is based on how many points your bet wins or loses by. So you can lose more than you originally wagered. If the bet wins by two points, then your win is twice the amount you risked. If the bet loses by two points, you lose double the amount you risked.

5. Twinspires Sportsbook MD

Twinspires Maryland is one of the leading online horse racing betting sites in the United States and is the official online betting partner of the Kentucky Derby. So if you're a horse-racing bettor, you'll be able to wager on local and international Thoroughbred, Quarter horse, and harness races.

Users also have access to insight and analysis from their horse racing experts, industry insiders, and handicappers, as well as Brisnet data and past performance information. Twinspires offers a wide variety of sports from around the world and a wide variety of betting options.

6. Unibet Sportsbook MD

Unibet Maryland is a mobile-first wagering platforms so users can access bets no matter where they are. Unibet offers a happy hour boost for one hour, every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from three different betting markets. They also offer a weekly parlay boost which can give you up to a 30% cash boost on your parlay.

You decide exactly what to add to your parlay and all your winnings are 100% cash. A final boost Unibet offers is their daily boost which is available weekly from Monday-Sunday.

Odds Boosts: A Guide for Marylanders

Once you have decided which licensed betting site to use, the first step is to sign up for an account. You must have an account and deposit before you can start placing bets and taking advantage of the promotions they offer.

What are Odds Boosts?

When an odds boost is available, it means your provider is taking a normal moneyline, spread, total, or prop bet, and sometimes a parlay, and boosting its payout odds. An odds boost can be offered as a straight bet and sometimes as a parlay. They are offered in all leagues, most commonly NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Odds boosts in Maryland make your favorite sport more fun to watch and bet on.

Your sportsbook can offer an odds boost on the Ravens spread from +200 to +500, giving you a better payout. Instead of winning $200 if your wager pays off you would win $500! These promotions take a certain bet and boost the original payout odds on it giving bettors better payouts!

How Odds Boosts Work in Maryland

Most websites like to return winnings to their users so they offer these promotions. These are added value promotions for the customer. They want to encourage bettors to take advantage of the free money they are prepared to hand over.

These bets are usually at lower risk, despite some having you choose the underdog, and they are a great way of increasing value for a normal bet. If your sports wagering site does not offer these promotions, it might be time to find a new site.

Types of Maryland Odds Boosts

Let's go over what types of odds boosts your website may offer for different sports. 

NFL (Football) Odds Boosts

When your sportsbook offers odds boosts on NFL games, it means they are boosting the payout odds for a certain bet when NFL betting in Maryland. Sportsbooks offer an NFL odds boost on both straight bets and sometimes parlays. For example, the odds boost will shift the opening money line of the Baltimore Ravens from -110 to +110.

Sometimes sportsbooks offer boosted parlay odds on specific games that take occur on Sunday! This means a typical parlay betting in Marylandconsists of the Ravens, the Rams, the Patriots, and the Bucs to win, which would usually payout at +350, would now pay out at +500.

NBA (Basketball) Odds Boosts

Similar, and almost as popular as an NFL odds boost, odds boosts come in the form of spreads, moneylines, over/unders, and even prop bets when it comes to NBA betting sites in Maryland! A parlay is also sometimes offered as odds boosts. An NBA odds boost usually occurs to encourage bettors to bet against the favorite.

If the Washington Wizards are the underdog to the Los Angeles Lakers, with the spread normally being +3 and the money line being +150, a betting platform could offer better odds on point spreads in Maryland , which would usually be at +110, would now be at +200.

MLB (Baseball) Odds Boosts

Promotions are also offered with MLB betting sites in Maryland! You can find odds boosts on standard bets like money lines, spreads, and totals, but these typically occur for prop bets. If Stephen Strasburg's strikeout odds are at 6.5, at -110 for the over, then a sports gambling operator can boost the odds to +110 for a better payout.

NHL (Hockey) Odds Boosts

If you are a big Capitals fan, look out for the NHL odds boosts your provider may offer. Like most sports, NHL odds boosts come in the form of spread bets, money lines bets, or over/under betting in Maryland. You will get better odds on prop bets, a parlay, and game totals. Be sure to check which website offers the best odds boosts from NHL betting sites in Maryland.

Other Types of Odds Boosts

Betting operators love to offer odds boosts to create more action on certain bets. They can be given as bets that seem like an advantage for a decent gain, or not as risky because sometimes you must pick the underdog but with better odds. There is no guarantee for the bet to win, but the odds are way better in your favor and the bet is likely to hit.

Odds boosts come in many forms. It can be a spread, money line, point total, or even a prop bets. An odds boost may come as Bradly Beal to have over 23 points at +110 or the Baltimore Ravens money line with boosted odds at -105.

Odds Boosts vs. Prop Bets: What's the Difference?

There is a big difference between odds boosts and prop bets. Odds boosts are much different than prop bets because prop bets are offered for most games and they do not boost your payout odds like an odds boost. We must remember that odds boosts are incentives for bettors that are offered sometimes to entice us on picking the underdog. Prop bets are used to bet on certain player stats or events during a game with a favorable profit. Still, a prop bet can get boosted odds and will be shown in your bet slip.

Using a Bet Slip for an Odds Boost

A bet slip is used to help bettors build bets, find out odds on wagers, and keep track of wagers. You will be able to create straight bets, a parlay, round robins, and teasers in your bet slip. You will also be able to boost your odds in your bet slip by either adding it to your selection or, on some sites, selecting the boost.

Find the Best Odds Boosts in Maryland Today!

Now that we have chosen our website to start our gambling tenure, and learned the wonders of odds boost, we are now geared to start placing wagers and hitting big wins. covers the best betting site promo codes and risk-free bets to help you get the most out of sports betting operators along with our betting guides on money lines, parlay, and more! If you're still new to online betting, you can learn how to bet in Maryland.

FAQs About the Odds Boost in Maryland

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