Maryland Among Sleepiest States In U.S. To Start 2023

Perhaps the last month-plus of Baltimore Ravens football has taken its toll on not just Maryland sports betting, but Maryland residents. 

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But after a long holiday season with family and the ending of the year, people can be exhausted. So, we took a break from the betting landscape to look at which states are the most tired going into 2023. utilized three combined data points to develop the ranking of the 50 states from "most sleepy" to "most well-rested." We utilized WebMD’s ranking of “Most Sleepy” based on surveys, the U.S. Census’ ranking of “Longest Commutes,” and’s “Most Work Hours.”  

Here’s what we found for the Free State.

America’s Sleepiest States

Rank State Most Sleepy Survey Ranking Longest Commutes Ranking Most Work Hours Ranking
1 Georgia 679
2 West Virginia 11713
3 Tennessee 22111
4 Louisiana 10196
5 Texas 17154
6 Florida 51022
T-7 New Jersey 12328
T-7 Mississippi 92410
9 Alabama 82317
T-10 Oklahoma 4405
T-10 North Carolina 112612
T-12 South Carolina 142516
T-12 Maryland32221

What Gives?

After adding up our rankings, Maryland came in tied for the 12th "most sleepy" state heading into 2023, tied with the good people of South Carolina.

To blame for most of Maryland's fatigue? Commuting, with workers in the state collectively having the second longest commutes to work.

That’s because the  Free State is one of the most populous states in America, with its population of 6,177,224, good for 18th in the nation. Also to blame?  Maryland's population continues to grow by at least 7% each decade, and is the 22nd fast-growing state in the nation relative to its population, according to public records.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Maryland residents are a little burned out heading into 2023, but at least they can take solace in the state's mid-tier rankings in both WebMD's "Most Sleepy" survey (32) and’s “Most Work Hours" (21).

Two of Maryland’s neighbors, in West Virginia and Delaware, also found their way into the top-15 sleepiest states in America, with the Mountain State finishing second, while the First State ranked in a tie for 14th with Kentucky.  

It seems that many Marylanders will probably be hard at work righting their sleep schedules in 2023, as the state’s residents look to get back on the right side of their circadian rhythms in the new year.  

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