Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 Cast Power Ranked By Viewer Interest

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 Cast Power Ranked By Viewer Interest
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This week the Real Housewives of Potomac return home after a tumultuous trip to Miami. Though Florida delivered sunshine and shade in equal measure, Episode 10’s soft reset midway through RHOP Season 7 is a welcome gear shift. Frankly, this group of ladies needed to be separated for a while.

But when they emerge back onto the Potomac-area streets, it’s seemingly to event-plan their way through the summer. This week Mia hosts a grand opening of The Joint’s latest location, Gizelle throws a sweet 16 for her twins, and Candiace hosts a backyard BBQ to celebrate getting her MBA. Plus, we have two other live shows to look forward in the weeks to come.

No doubt these ladies are kicking up lots of excitement in the DMV area, but what kind of stir are they creating online? We’re back this week scoring the social media presence, and counting the web traffic, to determine how the housewives stack up in our weekly Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 power rankings.

Methodology: Although we are focused on betting, and deliver some of the best Maryland sportsbook promo codes, as well as other offers, we wanted to take a look at some of the power rankings. developed the following formula to determine power rankings: Each character starts with a base score calculated by Instagram followers divided by 100,000 (+) Twitter followers divided by 10,000. As the show airs, each will be awarded points based on followers gained or lost (+/- 1), and where they place on Google Trends (+8 for most searches to +1 for the least) over the course of the week.

Real Housewives of the Potomac Power Rankings

Gizelle Bryant 1 –––
Robyn Dixon 2 –––
Candiace Dillard Bassett 3
Ashley Darby 4
Karen Huger 5
Mia Thornton 6
Dr. Wendy Osefo 7
Charisse Jackson-Jordan 8 –––

Note: Jacqueline Blake has been excluded due to lack of Twitter data

1. Gizelle Bryant

We are 10 episodes into this season and Gizelle has topped our rankings for a total of eight weeks. Could the reason she has been trending so high all along be because her podcast blew “the freak” up? “Unreasonably Shady” co-hosted by Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon has a live show coming, and if the teaser for next week’s episode is any indication, it’s going to be a real spectacle. 

Until then, we’re treated to the very frilly sweet 16 party of Gizelle’s twin daughters, Angel and Adore. Gizelle may have to eat in another room, but at least she’s allowed to give a speech.

2. Robyn Dixon

Robyn is on something of an apology tour throughout Episode 10 as she tries to clear the air with both Candiace and Wendy. Except instead saying sorry herself, she solicits apologies from the ladies she antagonized back in Miami. First, Robyn sits down with Candiace, who apologizes for not making it clearer that her Instagram Live rant wasn’t directed at Robyn. Next, Wendy apologizes (we’re honestly not sure why), but she at least demands Robyn offer an apology of her own.

Maryland sportsbooks weren’t offering an Over/Under prop bet on “Robyn Apologies” ahead of this week’s episode, but if they were, I’d have taken the Over for sure. I would also have been outside the money on that wager. After acting like a terror during the girls’ trip to Miami, Robyn Dixon managed a half apology at best this week.

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3. Candiace Dillard Bassett (up 1 spot)

Guess who got an MBA from Howard? Potomac’s favorite rapper Candiace isn’t just a business lady — she’s a business, lady! And to celebrate she’s invited all the RHOP ladies — except Gizelle and Mia — to her place for a backyard BBQ.

But if we’re being honest, Candiace was hoping to have more to celebrate. Though her period was late, her pregnancy test turned up negative. Too bad — would have been fun to see Candiace perform alongside Trina with a full baby bump.

4. Ashley Darby (down 1)

Returning to Potomac means the return of sad Ashley, I guess. In Miami, the physical distance from Michael seemed to lift Ashley’s spirits considerably. But now we’re back to reality, and she’s having a breakdown in Uncle Lump’s backyard, wondering through tears how she’ll manage on her own. 

It’s frustrating to watch because, on the one hand, you know that Ashley will be just fine. Financially, her and her family are set for life. But there is a magnitude to the path that lies before her. She’s justified in feeling overwhelmed. 

5. Karen Huger (up 2)

The Grand Dame has enlisted the help of her former assistant Matt to produce a live show. What exactly will this appearance entail? By the sounds of things it’ll be something like, “Cut to drag queens, cut to outfit change, cut to one up-ing Robyn and Gizelle…”

But who are we kidding? It’s a Karen Huger variety show. Where do we get tickets? 

6. Mia Thornton (down 1)

During her blowout with Wendy, Mia was repeatedly mocked by Dr. Osefo for being, essentially, a fake girl boss. This is important context to have as we watch Mia Thornton at the grand opening of the newest “The Joint“ franchise. Not only is she completely clueless about the business and its operations, she can’t even cut the big ribbon with the giant scissors correctly!

Still, I hope this D.C.-area branch of The Joint is a success — it sounds like Gordon’s really banking on it. Maryland sports betting apps are not offering wagers on why Gordon’s business deal went belly up, but if they were, I’d bet it had something to do with crypto.

7. Dr. Wendy Osefo (down 1)

After a weekend of heavy drinking and unprovoked adult-bullying in Miami, Wendy flies straight to Chicago to serve as the keynote speaker for a multi-day academic conference. Has anyone ever told her that she’s taking on too much? Just kidding, that’s her whole thing. Unfortunately, we’re starting to see how over-extending herself is impacting Wendy’s health. Now, she is dealing with kidney stones, which explains the operation we saw teased in the midseason trailer. 

At least she mended ties with Robyn. Let’s not expect the same result with Mia.

8. Charrisse Jackson-Jordan

There’s not much Charrisse to be seen this week. We can only assume that she’s still tired from her trip to Miami.

New cast member Jacqueline Blake has been excluded due to lack of Twitter data.

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