Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 Cast Power Ranked By Viewer Interest

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 Cast Power Ranked By Viewer Interest
By Jeff Parker
Fact Checked by Jim Tomlin

Before episode 9 of Real Housewives of Potomac, a midseason teaser trailer was released for fans showcasing strippers, more cheating allegations, and behind-the-scenes footage of Candiace’s music video shoot. It certainly seems like the second half of RHOP Season 7 will be as drama-packed as the first. 

This week the Miami trip and Karen’s birthday celebrations continue with fire dancing, pedal boats and test drives in Lamborghinis. Capping the trip is a brutal rainstorm, a drunken night out on the town, and an expletive-filled Uber ride home that suggests there might be no hope of salvaging this increasingly fractured hive of DMZ-area girl bosses.

With Season 7 rounding into midseason form, how are the fans reacting online? We’ve again tracked the data to order the Housewives based on popularity. Last week we saw a major shakeup in our Power Rankings — let’s see how those rankings hold up this week.

Methodology: Although we are focused on betting, and deliver some of the best Caesars Sportsbook Maryland promo codes, as well as other offers, we wanted to take a look at some of the power rankings. developed the following formula to determine power rankings: Each character starts with a base score calculated by Instagram followers divided by 100,000 (+) Twitter followers divided by 10,000. As the show airs, each will be awarded points based on followers gained or lost (+/- 1), and where they place on Google Trends (+8 for most searches to +1 for the least) over the course of the week.

Real Housewives of the Potomac Power Rankings

Gizelle Bryant 1 –––
Robyn Dixon 2 ↑
Ashley Darby 3 ↓
Candiace Dillard Bassett 4 ↑
Mia Thornton 5 ↑
Dr. Wendy Osefo 6 ↓
Karen Huger 7 –––
Charisse Jackson-Jordan 8 –––

Note: Jacqueline Blake has been excluded due to lack of Twitter data

1. Gizelle Bryant

The opening moments of Episode 9 find Gizelle Bryant wandering down the stairs of the Housewives’ posh Miami rental home wondering aloud, “what are we zoo-ing?” It is a question I asked myself a number of times this week regarding the other ladies and their decision-making this week.

But while they were at each other’s throats, Gizelle is living it up on vacation, spending her final day in town flexing in a Lambo, egging on Robyn’s ambush of Candiace at dinner and going to bed at a reasonable hour. Online sports betting in Maryland launched recently but you won't find props on any of these issues there.

2. Robyn Dixon (up 1 spot)

Rising up the ranks again this week, Robyn Dixon continues to face an online backlash by angry fans upset by her treatment of Wendy. However, if the midseason trailer is to be trusted, it would appear we’re actually going to get a Robyn Dixon wedding.

Could the “very, very, very small” ceremony being planned in Jamaica be Season 7’s destination finale? Though you can’t currently bet the over/under at Maryland sports betting apps on other housewives wearing white to the affair, I would set the number at 1.5.

3. Ashley Darby (down 1)

Whether she’s pouring herself another bevvy or busy on TikTok, Ashley’s boundless energy and positivity brings a lot of life to her surroundings. And despite her obvious insecurities surrounding her marriage, Ashley has a brazen confidence in herself that makes her tough to push around.

Case in point: Inviting Wendy to dinner on the final night and then subsequently calling out Mia as a bully. Did she need to throw Candiace under the bus by parroting back accusations of Karen’s alleged infidelity? Absolutely not. But this is still Ashley Darby we’re talking about.

4. Candiace Dillard Bassett (up 1)

Perhaps empowered by her recent studio session with all-star rapper Trina, Candiace decides to get super real with everyone at Karen’s birthday dinner. While defending tweets Chris sent alluding to Gizelle and Ashley’s brazen and unfounded accusations of sexual misconduct, Candiace rightly points out that all this fuss says more about their relationships than hers. Ashley and Gizelle are obviously projecting. But it would appear that Chris is not the only Bassett acting shady on social media.

Days earlier, Candiace took to Instagram Live to say, among other things, “(expletive) these hoes” — blasting the group writ large. While we all admire the realness, let’s not pretend like Candiace is above talking behind other women’s backs. We saw the flashback with Ashley where Candiace gossips about Karen being found about town with other men not named Raymond. Amid all this drama and a burgeoning music career, Candiace moves up one spot this week.

5. Mia Thornton (up 1)

If Jacqueline Blake isn’t Mia’s “representative,” then what is the relationship between these two? We know they grew up together, and even shared a roof as teenagers. As we learn this week, they’ve also shared partners in the past too.

But that wasn’t the only wildly inappropriate intimate detail that Mia felt compelled to share — it turns out that Jacqueline is attracted to girls. Lingering over all of this is the knowledge that Mia and Jacqueline have apparently had a major falling out and are no longer on speaking terms. It’s beginning to become clearer why that may be.

6. Dr. Wendy Osefo (down 1)

It’s fair to wonder, as many of the housewives do, why Wendy has chosen to stick around Miami despite being barred from the group’s rental home and consciously excluded from all group activities by Mia.

Notwithstanding the fact that she’s likely under contract to stick around, Wendy deserves a vacation. Especially considering we know her stress levels are only going up from here. As the midseason tease reveals, Wendy’s personal health may be at a breaking point.

7. Karen Huger

After refusing to bend the knee to Mia last week, Karen arrives downstairs at the beginning of the episode unsure if she’s sitting down to a birthday dinner, or just a regular dinner. Fortunately, Mia’s “representative” Jacqueline arrives to clears the air — tactfully reminding everyone that this is still Karen’s weekend —so the ladies celebrate Karen by sharing their favorite memories of her wigs.

The episode ends with Karen again confronted by rumors of her own infidelity. — surely not the last time we’ll be hearing about this. Karen delivers the line of the night, correctly diagnosing the Real Housewives of Potomac as “a group of women who share friends,” rather than a group of friends. Insightful stuff.

8. Charrisse Jackson-Jordan

Poor Charrisse needs a vacation from this vacation! Between the unending petty drama and her lack of a private bathroom, she seems completely exhausted. Despite her best efforts, Charrisse’s attempt to play mediator during their last night in Miami fall flat.

Unfortunately for her, in this instance, Charrisse’s power ranking is reflective or her own position within this elite group of women.

New cast member Jacqueline Blake has been excluded due to lack of Twitter data.

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